The Beginning, Data Analytics, and the Future

I have just published the first release of a new data analytics tool. It is named River, It’s features are limited, but I intend for this to be the first step of many on a journey of discovery and learning.

Let’s step back a little bit. A few months ago, after attending a conference with speakers from organizations like Facebook and IBM, I became interested in data analytics. I knew I wanted to learn more, but I wasn’t sure how to get started. After some thinking, I settled on building a data analytics tool that will analyze stock and foreign exchange prices. The reason I chose stock and forex is because of the abundant availability of data.

While my focus is currently on stock and forex prices, my goal is to build a tool that can analyze many types of data. I’m not sure how exactly this is going to happen, but I have three tenants that will guide me on my quest. Every decision will be made with these three tenants in mind.

  • Follow the data
  • Make no assumptions
  • KISS

Follow the data

Success in data analytics depends on the availability and the quality of data. I will store raw data as well as processed data. I will process historical data and real-time data. Data will be processed at the request of on-demand clients as well as continuously running processes.

The goal is to have an abundance of quality data that can be used to find trends and drive decision making.

Make no assumptions

My greatest ally during this adventure will be the scientific method. I intend to look at data with fresh eyes, making no assumptions. I will run experiments on my data and from those experiments I will reach conclusions.


Keep it simple stupid. If I build a behemoth of spaghetti code that is difficult to maintain and to extend, I will have failed. The code should be easy to read. The data should be easy to read and manipulate.

I hope you will join me on my journey. Feel free to follow along here and post questions and comments. As well as checkout the River homepage as well as the AP Invent home page.

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